Austin, Joe

Joe AustinInducted 2010

Years Coached: 30

Record: 137 wins, 137 losses
Schools: Engadine High School, Charlotte High School, Niles High School, Stevensville Lakeshore High School, Buchanan High School
Current: Buchanan High School
Notable Accomplishments: MHSFCA Regional Coach of the Year, 1979, 1983 & 1987; Lansing State Journal & MSU Downtown Athletic Club Coach of the Year, 1987; South Bend Sports Fest All Star Game, 2008 Head Coach - Michigan; Lakeland Conference Coach of the Year, 2009; Conference Champions, Engadine 1979, 1981 & 1983; Conference Champs, Charlotte, 1987; Conference Champs Buchanan, 2009; MHSFCA Board of Directors, 1980-1982

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